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Job Listings

Have full transparency for open positions for the entire company to see without having to maintain an internal bulletin. Clypboard uses a two-part integration to display job listings within the company on the technician's device:

  1. Google Maps - a company-maintained Google map can be served up to display where/what job openings are available (see map below).
  2. ApplicantPro Integration - an integration with applicant pro serves up the entire list of specific job opening descriptions.

  At this point, only ApplicantPro is integrated with Clypboard.

Track Employment

Clypboard's Employment Dashboard offers at-a-glance information on head counts, starts over terminations, open positions, and more:

Recent hires, terminations, and upcoming headcount changes are all tracked on this page.

Use the interactive graphs to see hard numbers and year-over-year comparison to analyze turnover: