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Sales Pipeline

Too many companies manage their sales team/opportunities from an island.  Clypboard sales tools, wrapped in the Sales Pipeline view provides an efficient sales process that empowers the sales person.

The Sales Pipeline is a tool used by a dedicated sales person or sales manager to track/manage their:

  • Leads
  • Prospects
  • Proposals
  • Completed Sales


Every CRM has different vernacular. 

Leads are an initial point of contact that is ready to be distributed for prospecting or proposing

Leads can be:

  • location-less
  • created by technician (to be completed by office/sales admin)
  • created by CSR (to be completed by sales admin)
  • initiated through website form
  • generated by 3rd party mailing/script

The process of completing a Lead (removing it from the pipeline) is to create and assign a prospect:

Prospect required to close out a lead:

Quick additional notes on leads. The Lead Source allows us to additionally track marketing spend through the Lead Visualization page:

  And the Leads Report page:


Prospects are created when the active sales process has begun:  

The prospect form:


  • Appear on the technician /sales person's calendar
  • Display a running log of previous prospects within the given opportunity
  • Are Followed Up on (with a new prospect getting created), Deferred, or Proposed


Proposals are an electronically generated contract ready for acceptance by the customer:  

On the back-end, each company builds out each Program their field and office are eligible to sell:

At the program level the following is specified:

  • Marketing copy/styling
  • Required or eligible services
  • Pricing inputs/logic

Select the Program and initial price inputs:

Some service are required and some are optional, with inputs of their own:

Generates a proposal with all selected services at the prescribed pricing with any attached photos:

  • Proposal can be signed on the spot or emailed to be electronically signed
  • Proposal follow up date can be set (creating a calendar reminder)
  • Proposal probability can be set (for proper pipeline forecasting)
  • Customer can select from company prescribed billing schedule:


Complete is a signed proposal that additionally will:  

  • Be activated
  • Be scheduled for initial service
  • Have completed initial service

Upon signing, the contract appears the activation hopper:

  The office performs a quick sanity check, looking for typos or scheduling conflicts:

Upon activation, all data entered during the proposal process builds the setups (price, production, and schedule) and invoicing rules. 

  • Extremely efficient
  • Quality control
  • Minimal training