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Approach to Dashboards

  • Real-time
  • Drill-able
  • Thoughtful
  • Empower managers to ask good questions


Provides a real-time glimpse into how much 'work' is getting performed:


This month and this year:

  Cumulative Last Year Complete (gray), This Year Complete (green), and This Year Projected (orange)

  By Region view of work completed (green), active (orange), and carried over from previous month (red):

Drill down to Region, Branch, and Technician level:

  View tech work by day and drill down to the Service Report:

Filter by Active and Cancelled:

Active (incomplete) Work
Cancelled (no-serviced) Work


Provides a real-time view into today's Payments received and current AR:

  Especially for companies with variability in their production and revenue, a by month view is insightful:

  AR balance by day by aging bucket:


A core KPI of pest control: the measure of Gain/Loss on recurring annualized revenue.

Clypboard enforces the gain/loss metric by ensuring that each change in price or frequency to a setup triggers a gain/loss event (that can be overruled, if necessary). 

Company cumulative, by month, compared last year:

By Region (gain and loss):

Regional cumulative and by branch breakdown:

  Branch cumulative and by technician breakdown:

Drill-able down to each gain/loss event:


Techs Working Per Hour - counts the number of users with at least one work orders started, in-progress, or completed during each hour.  

Special Timeliness - days between the originally scheduled time and when the special was actually serviced.  

Customer Service

Today's one-time (special) and callback orders:

By CSR interactive view of production for the day:

Click to view the list that makes up the count: