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Clypboard allows users to easily manage administrative work, such as configuring commission or activating contracts.

Admins can manage contract renewals in bulk or individually at the Contract Renewals page. Generate proposals and email them to the customer, view unpaid proposals, or cancel contracts in one place:

View all contracts in one place and activate signed contracts with minimal clicks:

Create sales commission rules for automatic commission generation and payout. You can set the rate by a percentage or fixed rate and configure the conditions for the commission as specifically or broadly as desired:

Create, view, and manage Price Increases batches in one place.

Price Increases can also be created on a single contract by visiting its location page.

Assign internal tasks using Tickets; these can be created in the field by technicians or by office employees.

Users assigned a Ticket receive email notifications:

Locate, comment on, and complete Tickets in one place using the desktop Tickets page:

Create and manage announcements to enhance communications throughout the organization. Each announcement can receive a start date, color, the number days the announcement appears for, and who receives the message. Users receive announcement notifications at the top of their desktop or tablet pages.