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Service Requests allow customers to schedule service online from available time slots on their local technician's calendar.  

Backed by Clypboard's ability to geo-fence technician route boundaries:

And appropriately "lock" orders upon request via the customer or automatically when Service Reminder notifications are sent.

Buy Now

Service Requests are of two types: 

  1. Buy Now
  2. Callback

Buy Now integrates with your company website such that prospective customers (not already in Clypboard) can purchase the time slot, which automatically creates:  

  • location
  • work order
  • payment

Here's the complete Buy Now customer work flow:

You control which Pests/Services are eligible:

Notice: a complex pest like Bed Bugs is not eligible for Buy Now, but Ants are.

Provide minimal information, but enough to create location and verify pest issue:

  Company-specific service expectations for customer; customer describes their issue:

  Customer selects a window that fits into their schedule, which often is not ASAP. 


Because no humans were involved in the scheduling, Clypboard distinguishes Service Request orders throughout:

The same calls' dotted-line styling is displayed on the technician's Calls page (Note: technician can also receive calls outside of Clypboard via text or email).

CSRs see the dotted line order on the left, the $89 down payment Service Request confirmation on the right:

  Upon completing the order, the technician sees the customer's initial 'Pre-Payment' and collects for the difference and/or writes a proposal:

  The Service Request dashboard allows you to track individual requests and analyze the overall effectiveness:

Track how many customers make it through Checkout, or where they bail in the process:

  Track how many Service Requests your are receiving and completing, by day:


  Customers request Callback Service Requests through their portal:  

They can choose their preferred method of Click, Call, or Email.

Choosing Click brings them into the Service Request work flow (without a checkout/payment step):