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Simple yet power interface that allows customers to self-serve. 

Tokenized Access

Every client communication, including Service Reports, Invoices, Receipts, and Service Reminders comes with a 'Customer Portal Access' button that allows password-less tokenized access to their personalized portal.  This secure and convenient solutions enables maximum customer participation with minimal barriers.  

Pay Invoice

Pay invoices directly:


Sign up for credit card or ACH autopay for future invoices:

Card Updating

Clypboard's credit card merchant Heartland provides a card updating service that looks for other transactions for that card and updates the expiration and CVC automatically, when available.

Additionally, Clypboard sends a notification to customers when their card is within 3 months of expiration so that they can quickly update it in their portal:

If a card has expired that needs to be processed for autopay, the customer is additionally notified:

Request Service

Customers can request a new service:

With the option to select among the non-locked windows within their technician's schedule creating an order without having to involve customer service:

Reschedule Existing Orders

By calling or emailing your designated number/inbox:

Additional Features

  • View and continue recent messages from technicians/office
  • View recent Service Reports and Invoices
  • Bundle historical Service Reports and Invoices
  • View (verified) documents like signed proposals, condition images, and termite maps.
  • Up-to-date SDS & Label automatically is added as chemicals are applied
  • Technician's state-specific license automatically added