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Single-Log Book

Critical Summary Email

  • Trend graphs of critical pests immediately consumable
  • Scroll down to consume more granular information
  • Direct access to log book; no passwords
  • Sign Report directly from email

Single Log Book Dashboard

The log book dashboard provides an overview of the facility including Trends, Documentation, Pest Sightings, Client Actions, and Equipment Maps.

Pest Sightings

Customer adds a description and photo of pest in the logbook, then the service team receives an email and Clypboard messaging is initiated:

Customer pinpoints exact location of sighting on map:

Multi-Log Book Dashboard

  Instantly know which plants will pass an audit, have pest activity, or have open conditions:

Audit Analysis

A daily audit analysis identifies missing licenses, documents, or approved chemicals that would lead to an audit fail:

Approved Material Enforcement

Customer provides their corporately approved materials:

Using location tags, we store the original document, the intersection of chemicals at your company, the subscribing locations, and any notes that technicians need to know:

Technicians have direct access to the original document:

As well as the slimmed down list per plant:

And the approved chemicals are obvious when recording applications:

Heat Maps

When viewing device trend data, you're always a click away from the exact location of the device with the catch:

Proof of Service

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

In addition to barcode scanning, Clypboard is trailblazing the use RFID technology for proof of service at third party audited facilities.  The advantages of RFID include:

  1. Passive data collection - the RFID reader remains in the technicians pocket/bag and detects the tag when the rodent trap is opened for servicing. 
  2. Tougher to Cheat - unlike a barcodes, RFID tags are unique, so the possibility for a technician to duplicate the tag and cheat a service is significantly reduced. 
RFID reader with tag inside combo catch rodent trap
Detailed service report provides timestamp of RFID readings


FlySpy (patent pending) is a fish-eye camera that affixes to the grill of a flying insect light trap. 

FlySpy takes a picture once an hour and processes the image by counting the large and small flies. 

In addition to proof of service, FlySpy provides an objective view into fly pressure throughout the year and the efficacy of treatments.