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Campus (Building/Unit)

The Campus UI was designed specifically for apartments, townhouses, or any multi-housing location consisting of one or more buildings with housing units.

To ensure accurate pest history in each unit from day 1, the buildings and units are created in Clypboard on day 0:

  In addition to the regular common area entry, technicians enter unit-specific data:

Pests common to apartments are displayed at top level; last chemical application displayed for reference

  At the unit-level, technicians see a running history of all activity in the unit:

Customer receives unit-level data on service report:

  And through their Campus portal all unit history is accessible:

At the program or location-level campus UI pricing rules can be set for the varying degrees of service that a unit receives:

These prices are enforced at the time of service delivery:

And transfer accurately to invoice with Building and Unit levels included so that the payable team accepts it: