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The Feedback tool delivers a direct ear to your customers while generating high-quality Google My Business and Facebook reviews.

How it works

Every Service Report email includes a simple survey at the bottom:

If the response is positive, we ask for an additional comment:

If it's negative, we ask how we could improve:

On average, Clypboard customers provide feedback on 1/25 work orders. 

And 10% of them go to Google:

  • Free way to steadily drive GMB volume
  • Revitalizes neglected listings
  • Not invasive to your customers; but always available

Internal Use

Positive 5-Star reviews with a comment are bundled automatically through Clypboard and delivered for the entire branch to see:

Negative 1 and 2 stars are delivered instantly to the technician's supervisor so that the customer can felt heard instantly.

The feedback dashboard allows managers to dive deeper into the data:

The 5-star/1000 orders ensures technicians of varying workload have a normalized metric:

  Drill down through your organization to see exactly what the customers are saying: